Share your experience of sexual violence in healthcare

As a result of own experiences and recent media coverage we want to expose sexual violence in healthcare. Therefore we want to ask you to share your experience, if necessary anonymously.  We will not share these experiences with others without your consent. This also means that even though this might be a first step in your process, sharing your experience here is not a substitute for other steps you might feel like you need to take, such as therapy or a community intervention. 

Through this form we aim to collect experiences and together with other survivors collectively put pressure. Sharing your experiences with us anonymously means that we will (and cannot) contact you; sharing your contacts with us will mean that we invite you and hopefully keep you up to date on how to collectively work on this. 

My experience involves
The person doing harm was/ is a

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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Working definitions: 
- rape. Nonconsensual sex through physical force, manipulation, stress, or fear; the experience of sex as the unwanted physical, emotional, mental or spiritual violation of sexual boundaries.
- sexual assault. Any unwanted physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual violation of sexual boundaries. 

Source: The Revolution Starts At Home, p. 204 


This is an initiative by 
Wonda Collective         Feminists Against Ableism